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We’ve caught up a little bit…

We still ask your patients as we continue to upload previous “Mid Week Connection” messages to our archives on a weekly basis! We’ve just added the month of May, 2010! More to come!!!

08/24/2011“A Thousand Invisible Mornings”

08/17/2011 “Sinking Your Relation Ship”

08/10/2011 “Some Things Just Aren’t Negotiable”

08/03/2011 “Position Filled!”

07/27/2011 “A Precarious Planet”

07/20/2011 “When Is Enough… Enough?”

07/13/2011: “Monster On the Loose”

07/06/2011: “They’re NOT the Enemy”

06/29/2011: “Chewing Your Food Properly”

06/22/2011: “Beyond Our Reach”

06/15/2011: “Why Mission Impossible Isn’t”

06/08/2011: “Men’s Work – Woman’s Work”

06/01/2011: “A Few Good Men”

05/25/2011: “Navigating Without Moving Around”

05/18/2011: “Cleaning House”

05/11/2011: “Hesitating on the Tightrope”

05/04/2011: “The Fear of Losing Your Place”

04/27/2011: “Where’s The Beef?”

04/20/2011: “Poison in Pretty Packages”

04/13/2011: “How to Prove You’re a Man”

04/06/2011: “Losing Over Turf”

03/30/2011: “20,000 Pounds or 30 Pieces of Silver”

03/23/2011 “Saturating the Saturated”

03/16/2011: “Don’t Switch Channels”

03/09/2011: “How to Break a Log Jam”

01/20/2011: “The Royal Switch”

05/25/2010: “Looking For A Love You’ll Never Find”

05/19/2010: “Your Mirror, Your Friend”

05/12/2010: “The Infallible Umpire”

05/05/2010: “A Cup of Rice… Or a Bag of Gold”

04/28/2010: “The Ultimate Battlefield Tragedy”

04/21/2010: “It Really Is “How You Play The Game””

04/14/2010: “Missing The Votes That Really Count”

04/07/2010: “The Wrong Persons In Front”

03/31/2010: “When the Passion Becomes Personal”

03/24/2010: “The Fruit of the Spirit Is…”

03/17/2010: “The Answer’s in the Mirror”

03/10/2010: “A Killer Storm… a Calm Captain”

03/03/2010: “Never More Than You Can Carry”

02/24/2010: “Fruit With Seeds”

02/17/2010: “A Life That Matters”

02/03/2010: “Gods Super Glue”

01/27/2010: “Changing the Climate”

01/20/2010: “Which List is Your Name On?”

01/13/2010: “The “Do You Really Believe” Test”

01/06/2010: “Why a Life Collapses”

12/30/2009: “Leave No Man Behind”

12/23/2009: “Decorated From the Inside”

12/16/2009: “The God Factor”

12/09/2009: “Your Visa and Your Passport”

12/02/2009: “The Avalanche Zone”

11/25/2009: “The Highest Title on Earth”

11/18/2009: “Your “No Vacancy” Sign”

11/11/2009: “Pretty Poison”

11/04/2009: “Nothing Like a Rescue”

10/28/2009: “Paper Plates”

10/21/2009: “Goodbye Ordinary”

10/14/2009: “A Cup of Rice… or a Bag of Gold”

10/07/2009: “The Incredible Shrinking Me!”