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It is no secret…  

Obesity in America is running rampant, even our youth have been largely affected. Media has been addressing for some time now how “Fast Food” has helped advance our overweight population! 

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More and more individuals are realizing the health benefits of including a more consistent regimen of “Fresh” fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and grains in their diet.  Artificial additives, preservatives and sodium, put into the majority of the processed foods we consume, all add up to disaster in regards to maintaining a healthy physical condition. French Fries are perhaps one of the highest contributing fast food factors to our youth tipping the scales! McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s have all been reinventing the proverbial “Fast Food” wheel… as they realize America is demanding a more health conscious menu. 

Believe it or not, all protein comes from the sun to begin with.  The way protein is collected from the sun on the earth is through the photosynthesis process on everything that grows from the ground… such as grass, leaves, vegetables and wheat.  Of course the meat industry tells us that the only complete form of protein comes from animal protein… or meat… when actually the meat that they sell us, in fact, primarily gets its protein from a diet blend of grass and grain or wheat!  

Adam and Eve ate only grains and vegetables. And from what I’ve read… they lived very well until they both ate an Apple (Genesis 3:1-6) from the “Middle” of the Garden that caused us all… a whole lot of trouble! The Bible states, in the Old Testament, that prior to man becoming carnivorous he lived to be several centuries old!

Now while protein requirements vary for all ages… much of what the body needs in the way of protein, can easily be obtained from an assortments vegetables, nuts, beans and grains… 

In the coming weeks we will be posting articles on how you can lead a healthier and more productive lifestyle just by making wiser choices in what you eat. Maintaining good health and staying in great physical condition… is a choice! 

Please continue to check this page… as we will be offering some very healthy choices that are not only good for you… but good tasting as well!


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